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Bladder urgency and pain

Bladder urgency and pain in the pelvic area are often associated with conditions such as overactive bladder, bladder pain syndrome, endometriosis, and recovery post-surgery. These sensations often trigger emotional responses that increase sensitivity. Hypnotherapy is effective in reducing the emotional response to the sensations and in turn enabling our nervous system to calm down and support the healing process.

I look forward to helping you understand how your emotions are involved and how you can become calmer and more comfortable.


I visited Geordie after suffering with chronic pelvic pain for over two years. I'd had this pain issue for my entire adult life (I am now 45 years of age) but it dramatically impacted my quality of life in the past two years. I had been working with a team of specialists over this time including a Gynecologist, multiple Physiotherapists, Pain Psychologist, Exercise Physiologist and a Pain Management Specialist. Following over 18 months of physical therapy, specialised exercise programs, daily medication and a hospital procedure to relax muscles and numb nerves, I was still unable to completely eliminate my pain.


Having previously experienced unsuccessful attempts at "hypnotherapy" with other practitioners I was naturally skeptical that Geordie would be able to help, but had nothing to lose. I was surprised and elated when I had an 80% reduction in my pain in the first session. After the second session, there was simply no more pain there. It was just gone. Even after long, hilly trail walks (previously not possible for me), and testing all the gym exercises that would usually cause crippling pain flares, I am now enjoying total  freedom from the pain and have my life back. Geordie is a highly skilled and experienced practitioner who holds a safe and caring space for his clients. I would highly recommend anyone experiencing persistent or chronic pain to try Hypnologic Solutions. 


Donna T

I started seeing Geordie after suffering with an overactive bladder for over 5 years.  I was going to the bathroom over 30 times each day and had seen a plethora of physicians and surgeons.  I had trialled 7 failed medications, 3 bladder surgery procedures, bladder botox, physiotherapy and 6-months of weekly PTNS treatment sessions.  None of which provided me with any relief. I had lost all hope and was considering a highly invasive surgery in the hopes of finding a solution. 


Thankfully, I was encouraged by a physiotherapist to visit Geordie and try out hypnotherapy.  It was a foreign concept to me, and I was initially apprehensive.  Geordie was wonderful at acknowledging my initial doubts, and working with me to find a solution.  


Through working with Geordie, I have been able to alleviate all of my bladder symptoms.  His sessions focus on allowing the client to take control of their own body and facilitate positive healing.  We worked through past experiences, and looked at why my body was giving me these signals of constant urgency.  He has also taught me many strategies that I can use in all areas of my life to remain calm and centred.  I can see a huge difference in my quality of life since starting hypnotherapy with Geordie, and will forever be thankful for the help that he has provided.  Geordie is a highly skilled and experienced practitioner who creates a safe and welcoming environment for all.  I would highly recommend that anyone in a similar situation reaches out and books a session with Geordie. 

- B

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