Escaping the Cage

A building I worked in many years ago had a problem with feral cats getting into the roof. We would trap the cats then take then a few kilometres away and release them, or try to. It always fascinated me that even though they hated the cage, when we would open the trap door they would stay in the cage, and if we tried to get them out they would fight to stay inside. Perhaps the cage though unpleasant was familiar by then and freedom became the unknown.

Over the years I have worked with a number of clients who have created their own cages bar by bar and even though they express a desire to be free, they fight tooth and nail to defend their current trapped state.

It take patience and compassion from both parties in the therapeutic relationship to encourage people to walk through the cage door to the freedom they want and deserve. This is the purpose of my work and I have the patience, compassion and skills to help people get out of their cage.

Stay well

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