Pain Pain Go Away!

Or unconscious communicates with us using sensations and emotions. It is limited ( in the model I am describing) to Pain, Fear and Fatigue. Imagine you have a best friend who does something you think is dangerous and you tell them to stop but they don't seem to get your message and keep doing it. So you then make your message bigger (more pain) but your clever friend smothers your message with a pain killer. So you try another tack and say booo and frighten them every time they go to do the thing, but they still try to do it. So, now you pull out the big guns and make them really tired so they can't physically do it.

Recognise the pattern here?. Clinical hypnotherapy helps you understand the messages from your body, how to acknowledge and accept and how to change so the body does not need to continue to give the signal. Chronic pain is often where there is not tissue damage but the unconscious mind is stuck on alarm mode. I can help you relearn the language of your unconscious mind and learn how to reset the alarm turning the pain, fear and fatigue down.

Keep well.

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