Tipping Points

Pressure can build quickly or slowly but regardless of which there is a level at which something needs to give to bring the system back to normal. Perhaps most challenging in our current circumstances is the slow build where we may feel fine or consider ourselves to be coping then suddenly some small trigger that we would normally ignore puts us over the tipping point. We all respond to stress and pressure in different ways so there is no magic strategy however, there are some common practices that will help.

First, acknowledge and pay attention to the signals from your body and develop some responses like, exercise or talking to someone as these are present moment activities that reduce time for rumination and worry.

Second, create new positive patterns and habits e.g. get up at a set time, even if you cant go to work imagine the day as a normal work day and create structure.

Third, be curious about your responses, this means asking yourself how and what rather than why, e.g. how am I doing that and what specifically is that feeling. Then be even more curious about the times you didn't feel that way, how have you experienced calm in the past, or confidence, what was that like?

Our bodies hold the memories of every state we have ever been in and with the right prompting can regenerate all the states we want.

Keep well

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