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Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Pain, PTSD, IBS, Phobias, Stress.

Welcome, you have reached this website seeking something different to help resolve issues that you have tried many times to change through conscious effort. I am sure many people have told you to think positive, get over it, work harder or take a pill,yet you are still here now looking for something else.  As your conscious mind has run out of ideas it is now time to talk to that part of you that is really in charge, your unconscious mind!. Hypnotherapy works by utilising your own inner resources and reframing patterns of thought, belief and behaviour, to create positive outcomes in your life.


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From birth we naturally create patterns to make sense of the world be they patterns of light (sight) patterns of sound (speech), or patterns of movement (walking etc). We also create patterns of thoughts, beliefs and behaviours, most of which are functional but some evolve into patterns that do not help us progress or can become harmful such as eating disorders, stress, anxiety, phobias etc. These patterns can become so entrenched we don't even know we are doing them and however hard we consciously try to change them we keep failing. Hypnotherapy utilises our most fundamental human skills, creativity and imagination to help us access our own inner resources. Let me help you discover how powerful your unconscious mind is and make your desired changes stick.



Using a combination of the services he provides, Geordie has helped me to make positive changes to many areas of my life. I am particularly pleased with changes to some of my habits, which mean I am now better able to work towards the healthy lifestyle I want to achieve, and the strategies I now have in place to better deal with situations that I find stressful.

- Tamara -

My sessions with Geordie were very productive. I saw him with regards to two separate issues. One being chronic fatigue and the other PTSD. I felt that Geordie was non-judgemental and actually listened. He was open, positive, professional and helpful.  Neither of my ‘things’ are an easy fix, but I felt that after my sessions with Geordie that I was able to cope better with them.  He gave me some strategies that I could use at home to visualise good health and positivity. He gave me some good food for thought as far as my mental processing of things and how to stay positive yet still be effective. I found him to be very clever in how he listened and understood the issues, without any judgement then he used the good things in my life to target how I could use them to deal with the not so good things. All in all I found him to be helpful to me in resolving some serious issues. I would recommend him to anyone who is open to helping themselves. He will help you find the resources to do so.

​- Suz -

I’m the last person that would seek out an ‘alternate therapist’, however my eyes have been opened (figuratively speaking).  Geordie and I had a couple of sessions in order for Geordie to perfect his technique, and in the course of these sessions I found that I had stopped biting my nails.  Now I’ve been a nail biter for as long as I can remember (I’m now 53), and I’ve tried a multitude of techniques and products over the years to help me stop, with no long term success.  It’s now coming up for 12 months and I have no desire to bite my nails.  The sessions with Geordie were more like a relaxation experience than a therapy session, and I don’t even remember discussing nail biting as a specific issue.  Friends and family can’t believe the success I’ve experienced.  Thanks Geordie.

​- Andrew -

I have found Geordie to be a caring listener, with practical solutions to problems about my anxiety issues from a career in a stressful occupation and some health concerns. He has been a thoughtful, helpful and positive counsellor equipping me with techniques to deal with my problems.

Happy to recommend him to anyone.

​- Kim -

Thank you, Geordie, for your warmth and professionalism in helping me to overcome acute anxiety. I was a bit hesitant and not sure what Clinical Hypnotherapy was initially, but Geordie was able to guide me inwards to find the answers I needed to heal. In just four sessions my anxiety was alleviated significantly in a warm caring environment where I felt safe and supported. I would recommend Geordie to anyone who is experiencing depression and/or anxiety as it really helped me on my journey of health and wellbeing.

​- Cassandra -


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