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Dealing with depression

Depression creates symptoms such as poor sleep, rumination, negative thinking and often feelings of helplessness and fatigue. Solution Focused Therapy helps you change your thoughts, words, behaviours and beliefs while getting you back in control of your life.

A good night’s sleep, moving and thinking well are essential in order to start rebuilding your energy and moving along the path to better health and wellbeing. Through our sessions I can help you regain the motivation and balance as you work towards positive outcomes.

I look forward to helping you let go of the past, put that smile back on your face and body and working forward to a bright future.


I went to see Geordie for a chronic pain condition which I have had for over two years. After only my first visit I was given the knowledge and the techniques to use to alleviate my pain sensations.


I use these calming strategies now whenever the pain presents and the result is amazing. The way Geordie uses his words empowers the listener to take control of their thoughts in a positive and healing way. I am so grateful for the help he has given me and so glad I went to see him.

​- Annette -

I can’t thank Geordie enough for his wisdom, knowledge and advice. After the trauma of watching my five year old survive lung cancer I resembled nothing of my former self, suffering anxiety, depression and panic attacks. After only a few sessions Geordie taught me the skills I needed to be calm, happy and at peace - I can finally breath again. The advice he gave me helped me to move on, to let go, to feel safe. I now have so many simple skills and tools that I can easily use to reset if I ever need. I am so grateful Geordie, thank you!!

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