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Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Our gut or Enteric brain generates the majority of the chemicals in our body and responds to stress or perceived threats in three main ways; Immobilization, (tightening of pelvic and stomach muscles), Evacuation, (constipation and/or diarrhea) and finally Dissociation, (feeling of disconnection: physically, intellectually and emotionally)

IBS has been linked to increased gut sensations and inflammatory symptoms such as bloating and cramps. Recent studies in both England and Australia have shown that that gut directed Hypnotherapy is effective in reducing the sensitivity of the gut and maintaining that over a longer period of time.

Gut directed hypnotherapy is a calming and relaxing process that enables you to identify the reason for the signal from the gut and develop a range of strategies to respond effectively.

I look forward to helping you achieve a happy healthy and comfortable gut.

My Approach


Working with Geordie has changed my life. I worked with Geordie to reduce severe bloating I was experiencing as a result of Endometriosis. I had been bloated for over a year and tried countless diets and vitamins to reduce my symptoms, and noticed very little improvement. After a few sessions with Geordie my symptoms reduced significantly. He also opened my mind open to new ways of thinking and I now have a totally different outlook on life.


Geordie is warm, caring and compassionate and he genuinely cares. He creates a warm and safe space which allows you to open up. I would recommend Geordie to anyone.

​- Madeline-

My sessions with Geordie really taught me how powerful different parts of our body are when it comes to our overall well-being. Within a few sessions I had learnt how to care for myself which reduced my bloating symptoms nearly instantly. The knowledge gained is very applicable to other parts of my life and has lead to a huge change in overall quality of life. I would recommend Geordie to anyone suffering with gut issues or IBS symptoms, particularly if they appear to have little rhyme or reason - the mystery of your pain may not be such a mystery! 

​- Phil-

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