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Dealing with anxiety

The feeling of anxiety is a signal in your body that it is responding to a perceived threat. A good example is a student preparing for an exam or test. Their thoughts, especially negative ones create a perception of threat, and the body responds by releasing adrenaline and cortisol into the body.


We all know that feeling of being slightly on edge and worried and the physical components of this are generated in the body. Our thoughts about the threat can also generate the physical response without the threat even being real.

My therapeutic approach helps you to discriminate between real and imagined threats and teaches you ways in which the extra energy can be made useful. By doing this you can calm your body down and create positive choices to deal with the real issues.

I look forward to help you develop calm confidence and appositive future.

Calm Sea
Cloudy Day


I went to Geordie on a recommendation and was not disappointed. He was able to expertly guide me through the recount  of grief and sibling relationships, therefore getting to the core of the problem that was disabling me and preventing me from moving forward.

During the sessions I felt supported and very relaxed, this enabled me to feel free to communicate the issues that were problematic tome. Sometimes the sessions began with breathing or visualization techniques, helping my nervous system to feel calm and my thinking to become clear. He then provided user friendly and practical strategies that were able to be applied by using my own inner resources. These resources were frequently a reflection of me or my own wonderful genetics, some to my surprise during our discussions and refreshingly good to to know they could be used as tools to solve my own problems ie, kindness, compassion, courage, imagination,creativity, humour, intelligence, confidence etc…… All of the strategies/inner resources enabled me to feel in control,empowered to make change, shift negative thinking patterns into positive thinking patterns or the awareness at having the capacity to make change when I needed to, positively altering behaviors. However, I also realized that I need to make the strategies automatic, so when I have an adversity, I can apply them.


Thank you Geordie for your help, I highly recommend you, as you helped me to shift gears and move forward with my life and feel happier.

​- Anonymous -



I’m the last person that would seek out an ‘alternate therapist’, however my eyes have been opened (figuratively speaking).  Geordie and I had a couple of sessions in order to work on my anxiety and my self soothing strategy. In the course of these sessions I found that I had stopped biting my nails.  Now I’ve been a nail biter for as long as I can remember (I’m now 53), and I’ve tried a multitude of techniques and products over the years to help me stop, with no long term success.  It’s now coming up for 12 months and I have no desire to bite my nails.  The sessions with Geordie were more like a relaxation experience than a therapy session, and I don’t even remember discussing nail biting as a specific issue.  Friends and family can’t believe the success I’ve experienced.  Thanks Geordie.

​- Andrew -

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