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Feeling overwhelmed

Sometimes we get overwhelmed with life and have trouble keeping up with all of the demands of our energy such as work and family pressures. Our bucket of energy is constantly being drained and the hill to recovery and balance can seem very steep.

How will hypnotherapy help?

It will help you develop a number of strategies to refocus your thinking. It will also determine what needs to be responded to and what doesn't. You can then clearly identify where to put your energy first and start taking back control of your life.

I look forward to working with you to create and achieve your future goals.


​​​​Before seeing Geordie I was 'done' with myself and my situation. Geordie quickly showed me that I was strong, capable, and there are so many ways to move forward. I now have the knowledge and tools to feel empowered and in control of my life. Seeing Geordie has really been a life changer for me.

​- Ailin -

My sessions with Geordie were very productive. I saw him with regards to two separate issues. One being chronic fatigue and the other PTSD. I felt that Geordie was non-judgemental and actually listened. He was open, positive, professional and helpful.  Neither of my ‘things’ are an easy fix, but I felt that after my sessions with Geordie that I was able to cope better with them.  He gave me some strategies that I could use at home to visualise good health and positivity. He gave me some good food for thought as far as my mental processing of things and how to stay positive yet still be effective. I found him to be very clever in how he listened and understood the issues, without any judgement then he used the good things in my life to target how I could use them to deal with the not so good things.


All in all I found him to be helpful to me in resolving some serious issues. I would recommend him to anyone who is open to helping themselves. He will help you find the resources to do so.

​- Suz -

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